RCN Webinar 2 – November 2 at 2pm

S3 RCN Presents New England Landscapes Futures Webinar #2


Thursday November 2, 2017 from 2 to 3pm EDT

Presentation by Joshua Plisinski and Jonathan Thompson (Harvard Forest, Harvard University)

Jonathan Thompson leads the research and mapping team for the New England Landscapes Futures project, and Joshua Plisinski created the maps of future land use.

Tune in to find out how the New England Landscapes Futures scenarios were translated into input for modeling and mapping future land use, how the maps were made, and how to access the maps.

Be prepared to discuss how these maps can be used – we are seeking your feedback!




The New England Landscape Futures Project is supported by the National Science Foundation, the Highstead Foundation, and Harvard Forest.

For more information, view the project website: s3rcn.org

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