Highlights from the Capstone Meeting

The S3 RCN Capstone Meeting took place November 14 and 15, 2018 at UMass Amherst. Over the course of 2 days, participants gathered to learn more about how the stakeholder-created scenarios and associated datasets from the New England Landscape Futures project are informing ecosystem services research and the ongoing efforts to create a web-based decision support tool for practitioners.

The first day of the capstone meeting focused on how the scenarios are being used to study ecosystem services. Scientists detailed the methodologies used to generate the scenario narratives and to simulate the stories to create spatial datasets. Then, researchers using the final data products explained their methods and results using the scenario data to assess impacts on ecosystem services including carbon storage, maple syrup production, wildlife habitat, water quality, and water partitioning. The day ended with a discussion of what we have learned and what more we can do with these unique datasets.

The second day of the capstone meeting, the RCN hosted the Future Scenarios workshops in a co-meeting with the 2018 Regional Conservation Partnership Network Gathering. Three presentations built on each other to help participants better understand: land-use trends in our region, and why scenarios are helpful decision-making tools in our privately owned, decentralized land-use system; the features and capabilities of the scenario-based web tool; how conservation organizations are already using scenarios in their work.

Learn more about the presentations and key takeaways from each day of the capstone meeting.

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